Why choose

The future is electric


The founding philosphy of FUELL is to offer a unique selection of innovative attractive electric 2-wheel vehicles.

FUELL's e-vehicles together solve the urban “macro-mobility” challenge: replacing cars and public transportation for city journeys that cover distances greater than three miles and require a personal vehicle.

Ride into tomorrow's city

FUELL wants to put freedom and emotion back into urban travel by offering riders something different, innovative, upgradeable and attractive.

FUELL offers e-vehicles designed around the pleasure of urban riding, offering riders a whole new experience of the city. To complement this experience, FUELL offers digital mobility services to its riders.

Progress for enhanced mobility

With many patents, an electric native design and progressive technical ideas, FUELL delivers advanced personal urban mobility solutions to city riders: e-machines connected to their lifestyle, built to give them a silent, responsible and fun ride.

A solution to enjoy true urban freedom