Why is Flluid more expensive than most other e-bikes?

Flluid is not your ordinary e-bike. the Flluid is built to the same specifications as ebikes costing over $6,000, while offering a level of integration and styling not seen before. It's packed with the latest features, the best components, one of the largest batteries in the market, and the most power assistance when pedalling.

What is the difference between Pedelec and SpeedBike?

Flluid comes in 2 versions - 1- "Pedelec" and 2 - "S-Pedelec" also referred to as "Speedbike". Pedelec means assistance to pedalling up to 25 kmh (EU) or 20 mph (US). S-Pedelec means assistance up to 45 kmh (EU) or 28 mph (US). Check your local regulation to see what your country allows.

Does Flluid come in different sizes?

Yes, we have 2 sizes - M (best for those from 5’3’’ to 6’1’’) and L (best for those from 5’9’’ to 6’6’’) - the seat height is adjustable with a 20cms/8 inches range. Other than seat height, the frames are very similar, so seat height is the primary way to choose your frame.

Can I remove the battery myself?

Yes, Flluid has 2 batteries locked in the frame, which can easily be removed with a single key. This allows you to park the bike downstairs/outside, while you charge upstairs/inside.

What warranty are you offering on Flluid?

All Flluid e-bikes have a 2 year warranty, batteries included, against manufacturing defects. The warranty however does not apply to normal wear and tear components such as flat tires, brake pads, etc. and does not cover regular maintenance.

What happens if I have a technical issue with my Flluid?

Call FUELL. FUELL offers a hotline for you to reach our technicians and try to solve your issue. If repair is needed, all of our components are from major reputable brands so that any local bike store is able to service your Flluid. You also have the option to work with one of our service partners. Please call us with any questions and our FUELL team will be happy to help solve any issues or locate a bike shop that can help you.

Where can I buy spare parts and accessories?

Spare parts and accessories are available on our website www.fuell.us for direct shipping to you or your bike shop.

What is a torque sensor ?

A torque sensor measures the amount of force that is put on the crank, and allows for a more precise response from the motor when the rider pedals, which translates into a smoother acceleration and intuitive pedaling assistance. Using a torque sensor in the Flluid cost more, but the improvement in ride quality is worth it.

Can I really ride 200 kms with Flluid?

Yes, you can get up to 200 kms (or 125 miles) of pedal assistance with Flluid, thanks to its very powerful battery pack and the 5 different assistance levels. Now you will get less if you're selecting the highest level of assistance and "ride hard and fast" - still, you'll be amazed how much range you'll get

Why do I have to wait so long to get my Flluid delivered?

The Flluid launch was extremely successful. We are currently working to catch up with a backlog of orders. The current estimated time of delivery is shown on the product page and at checkout.

Do you ship to any country?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Please make sure that you select a Flluid-1 or Flluid-1S to comply with local regulations and registration requirements.

How is Flluid delivered and is it easy to assemble?

You FUELL Flluid is shipped via ground carrier (FedEx, UPS etc...) with simple assembly instructions and everything you need to get riding in minutes. You can always call the hotline for additional help or visit your local bike shop to get all parts tightened and checked.

How much is shipping?

Shipping within the EU, US and Canada is included in the price of the FUELL Flluid. Shipping outside of Europe the US and Canada, contact us.

What if I get a damaged box and Flluid ?

If there is visible damage to the packaging that appears to have damaged the Flluid and/or its other contents, please notify the courier immediately as they are held responsible for all damage caused in transit. Request documentation from them stating that you have received a box with visible damages. You will need this for insurance purposes to qualify for a replacement Flluid.

Where is FUELL based?

FUELL is an international team, headquartered in NYC with offices in the US and Europe. To learn more about our team please click HERE (https://fuell.us/us/who-are-we)

Where are Flluids manufactured and where are components from?

The components for the Flluid are sourced from the US, Japan, Europe, China and Taiwan. Manufacturing and final assembly is done in Taiwan.

Does FUELL offer other products?

FUELL hes developed and is manufacturing the Flluid-1 and Flluid-1S electric bicycles. FUELL is developing the Fllow electric motorcycles with first deliveiries estimated for early 2022.

Where can I see Flluid? Can I test-ride it ?

Please contact us at [email protected] to schedule a time to see the FUELL Flluid.

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